SATISFIES more than St. Louis suburbia. He’s that good.
CONNECTS us together more than St. Louis suburbia. He’s that powerful.



Why we are here

Welcome to Kaleo St. Louis, an emerging new church plant started in Ballwin. We love our community and want more for our lives. We believe Jesus satisfies more than St. Louis suburbia and His love transforms us into a community of people that is far more connected than our suburban lives. For the good of our city—that’s why we’re here.

What we want to see

We want to see Ballwin and West St. Louis County connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ through beautiful worship together, life lived in community, and engagement in God's Mission to the world around us. That’s because Jesus is so good that He changes what we value, how we relate to others, and what we live for. FIND OUT MORE

How we live

“Missional Community” is the primary vehicle we use to live out who we are and why we’re here in our everyday lives. A Missional Community is a welcoming family of missionary servants who are disciples called to make disciples. We live life together like a deeply connected family. We intentionally live FOR others, like our friends and neighbors, seeking to offer them Jesus. And we look for ways to serve as a tangible demonstration of how wonderful Jesus is.

Our hope is to provide a loving, relational context for sojourners to explore Jesus and discover what life is like under His transforming love. FIND OUT MORE


Get Connected

We’d love to help you get connected. Drop us a note and let us know we can help.

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Sunday Gathering

Gathering Time & Location


We gather on Sunday mornings for a time of worship through music, teaching, and communion.  

The Ballwin Pointe
Sundays @ 9:30a.m.
1 Ballwin Commons Drive
Ballwin, MO

New Here? Learn more about our gathering

Our weekly Sunday morning gathering is one of the ways we celebrate the Good News of Jesus. It’s a time where all of our MCs and sojourners can gather, celebrate, connect and learn to live in light of the gospel. Additionally, the gathering is aimed to equip and provide vision to MCs and send them out by His Spirit to live as a welcoming families of missionary servants to make disciples.

Our weekly gatherings typically last about 90 minutes and involve the following:

  • A celebratory focus on Jesus as our Powerful, Satisfying Savior
  • A warm, relaxed environment fit for sojourners and families alike (casual dress)
  • A consistent call to see the church as God’s people rather than a Sunday event
  • Contemporary music that focuses our affections and hope on Jesus
  • Gospel-centered preaching through books of the Bible with Jesus as the Hero
  • Opportunities to relationally connect with our MCs
  • A fresh recasting of who we are because of Jesus and why we’re here to make disciples